What to Expect

Whether you want a modern look or want a timeless period restoration. Start with a brief description over the phone with one of our installers. We will meet with you face to face on site and look at your job. During this first visit we will discuss the details and specifics of your project. We can answer questions and make suggestion about styles and materials that are the most lasting, durable and cost effective. We will give you an idea of how long the project will take to complete start to finish. Expect to have a Labor Price within 24 to 48 hours of your estimate date. After we get an “OK” from a client your job goes on the Schedule and we can begin picking out your materials. We will go to the Home Centers with you and guide you on your purchases. Making sure the “Tub Fits” if you will… You can Expect to stay within your budget and time frame. You can expect the construction zone to be clean and neat at all times. We treat your home the way you would want us to, with respect. Our Installers are always professional, polite and don’t use bad language. Get the dream bathroom you always wanted!