Painting is an awesome DIY project for any home owner or renter. It’s low budget with minimal negative outcomes that come of it from doing it yourself. Before you run and grab your paint though there is a few things we want you to know. 

The sheen is going to play a big role in the space you are creating with this fresh coat, and you don’t want the nuanced headaches that comes with choosing the wrong ones. 

For example, if you have a high traffic area along with children or pets and you pick a light paint with matte finish it’s probably not going to hold up well. Between dirt, stains, and cleaners you might find yourself needing to repaint more often than you otherwise should had you chose a semi-gloss for this particular area.

We have created this simple break down of which sheens do best in which areas of the house. Of course each home and situation is unique to your lifestyle but this is a great general guide. 

So tell me what room are you looking to paint next?


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